This is my first blog post

Hello All – WOW my first blog, I’m actually quite excited about sharing my Hourglass Fitness philosophy with all of you.

I am extremely pleased to say after many months my Hourglass Fitness website is finally in a decent enough state to be published – YAY.  It is still work in progress and I think it always will be as I will be trying to populate it with useful information for the readers.  The Hourglass website will become more useful over time so please check in now and again to read my ramblings and Hourglass information.

Firstly let me introduce myself I’m Sarah Lister-Morford a Personal Trainer in St. Albans, Hertfordshire.  I have been working as a Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist for the past eight years.  Previously before retraining as a Personal Trainer (PT) I worked in large corporations in the financial/IT industry in program and project management.  I am a busy 44 year old mum with a six year old son who is a very lively, demanding but loveable, funny and kind little chap.  I decided to go out on my own as a Personal Trainer without the backing of any large fitness groups last summer.  In my opinion large fitness corporations and industry are mainly run by men who do not understand women, their bodies, or mindset.  Look around you in the gym, you will notice most of the trainers and management are men, even specific ladies gyms and boot camps are mainly run by men but these establishments are all mainly frequented by women!  Women have specific needs, our bodies are different to men and we have distinct requirements that men either don’t understand or even recognise.  Yes you may want to lose weight and the PT may be highly trained and experienced but does the young, fit PT who has never had a weight issue, never been pregnant/had children or pre or post menopause really know you and your body?  Do they know what it’s like to have tried EVERYTHING before and been on every diet possible and lost weight but then put it all back on again plus possibly more!  Do they know enough about a women’s core and pelvic floor to be giving you the correct abs exercises?  My specific training has been getting amazing results for real women including myself for the last five years.  I understand that women today want to look great but have less time and motivation than ever.  I am authentic, realistic and after one of my personal training courses you will have the tools and education to be able to go out and do it yourself and feel positive about fitness, give you a shapely body and confidence in your abilities.  As one of my clients has kindly said “everyone needs a Sarah”.

I originally created hourglass training for myself, because after years of excess and having my little boy I was a size 20 and an apple shape and wanted to seriously do something about it because I love clothes and as a size 20 nothing fitted or looked good.  At the time I was working in the fitness industry writing fitness documents and training other PT’s to become better trainers for a large fitness group.  At the same time I was also travelling around many gyms and noticing shape and muscle imbalances of many women.  I found myself admiring figures of real women who were more ‘shapely’ and sexy.  I also noticed that many of the slim women who were low in fat and extremely cardiovascular fit where very ruler shaped with no hips and a waist not much smaller than their hips – in my opinion they had no vava voom.  I didn’t want to lose muscle while dieting and getting fit and end up having no shape, I like curves, and I like my curves.  During this time of research I also noticed that many women had flat bums (including all the woman in my family – sorry family but it is a trait) and fat was held around the mid section.  This is due to a lot of muscle that hasn’t been trained and muscle imbalances in the glutes, core area and too much sugar!  Therefore, I went about building up the muscles on myself that needed building and pulling up my pelvic floor, pulling in my waist and pulling back my shoulders as well as losing the fat.  With all my research, evidence and testimonials I created Hourglass Fitness for real women.

Hourglass is also a way of thinking – I want women to be realistic about what they can achieve and to be happy and confident with their bodies.  I believe women should look like real women and be the best shape they can be for them and in the time frames they have to achieve this.  I look at what is possible for each body and I offer a realistic vision and approach.  I teach women how to work out smarter and increase their metabolism and lose body fat that’s not required without losing shape.  You do not need to be in the gym for hours but you will need to commit to ‘homework’ and to working on bad habits.

As I previously said during my studying I found that the way women traditionally train to lose weight is to hit the treadmill or pound the pavement and do loads of sit ups.  Although you do need to raise your heart rate and work the core correctly, specific muscles should be trained using resistance and muscle activation techniques and know how to work functionally together.  Nutritionally I work with your existing diet to increase metabolism and give specific exercises to ‘pimp up’ women’s bodies and significantly lower fat and dress sizes.

I hope you enjoy my Hourglass Fitness blogs in the future and my website.

Yours in health

Sarah x

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