Post Natal Paunch Purging
– Safe exercises transforming your shape and bring you back together

It has taken 9 months for your body to change shape during pregnancy.  In 9 weeks you can be well on the way to getting yourself back together.  The exercises will be specific, safe, rehabilitating, post-natal exercises.  I will be focusing on bringing the tummy in and strengthening weakened muscles due to posture changes and melting away pregnancy fat and weight gain.  Get yourself back and be able to do the things you used to or fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes.  Babies are welcome to come along and watch you train (non-crawling only) crying, feeding and nappy changing are all accommodated and training can be adjusted around the baby’s needs.

  • Health & Fitness Assessment
  • 18 Sessions (2 x per week 9 weeks – duration and timeframe can be discussed)
  • Wellbeing focused nutritional guidance if required.
  • Diet diary completed for term of course
  • Safe rehabilitation post natal exercises with a focus on fat loss and tummy control
  • Babies are welcome to the sessions (although they need to be non-crawling due to safety reasons).


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