PT Courses
– For Body Transformation


I have put together these very specific courses so my clients can appreciate and understand what my Personal Training can achieve for them.  If the courses and nutrition guidelines are followed I can guarantee the results and you will see a transformation in body shape.

Everybody needs to be encouraged to achieve their goals by support, education, guidance and tracking.  I can help you go further and talk you through any boundaries you are putting in your way.  Even Olympic athletes can not constantly train without support and encouragement from a coach.  Your needs are no different and you may need that bit more if you are just starting out, coming back to fitness or just need some structure to your current training.

A structured training program with a beginning and an end can give you the results you are just not seeing by yourself.  It can set you on a path to good overall fitness, achieve a shape you are happy with and the confidence to do things that you never thought possible before.

Take a look through all the course descriptions and give me a call to set up your free no obligation fitness assessment and goal planning meeting with a free half an hour PT session.  All course prices are very competitive to the St. Albans area which we can go through at your initital free assessment.    I believe Personal Training is personal and as you are committing to a number of weeks or sessions with me you should try before you buy.  The initial session also assists me with determining your level of fitness and writing a plan that is optimal for you.

If you commit I will deliver.


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