Do you remember this picture?

Did you have an Hourglass bottom like this in the 1970's?

Did you have an Hourglass bottom like this in the 1970’s?

Do you remember this picture? Yes I do as well!!

When this picture became famous in the 1970’s it was so popular because it was the cheeky girl next door just happening to play a game of tennis! It was not a famous star that has an unachievable body for the average busy women who does not have two to three hours to train a day. The picture was taken before airbrushing and just lovely and natural and sold millions of copies around the world!

This lovely natural shape that was so popular at the time was before wine was hip to drink at home or with friends, before raving all night was the thing to do, before our lives were so computerised causing us to sit on our bums more and more. Food was cooked from scratch and we were made to eat vegetables and we eat what were given or went hungry. A time before we all had dishwashers or cleaners! When we walked everywhere and played outside! The generation who remember this picture from the 70’s have over the years got less active with advancements in technology and supposed lifestyle! As a personal trainer in Hertfordshire I see this generation now coming to me with aches and pains, health and weight issues. They all used to look like the girl in the picture! The ladies who come to me are now just realising how lifestyle makes an impact on their future health and doing something about it.

Luckily immediately re-starting fitness and embracing a healthy active lifestyle has an immediate and positive effect on the body. Everybody can make small changes and progress carefully; a slow start is no reason not to do it all. Carefully starting back to build up your inner strength, pert your bottom and confidence is the best way, I promise you will see the difference this makes in just a few weeks.

Call me on 07866 687042 or email me on if you would like to get started smartly with expert guidance and not madly so you hurt yourself and give up. Finding a female personal trainer who understands you and your abilities is paramount to helping you feel like the old you. Don’t give up on yourself as health matters and it is never ever too late.

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