Equilibrium Sports Therapy

Sports Massage in St. AlbansWhat is Sports Therapy?

• Sports Massage
• Rehabilitation back to performance
• Strapping and Taping
• Pitch Side Support and Run-ons
• Prevention of repeating injuries

Supple and well-toned muscles are essential for high performance and whatever your chosen sport or pastime to maintain strength, power and flexibility. Regular sports massages play a vital part in boosting muscle performance. It can increase your competitive edge and prolong your enjoyment of sport and physical activity through life.

Equilibrium Sports Therapy helps keep your muscles fit and healthy as part of your ongoing fitness or sports programme and will help your earlier return to an active lifestyle after muscle strain or injury. The treatment concentrates on rebuilding appropriate muscle strength, tone and flexibility with advice and assistance on how to help recovery and prevention of repeated injury. In addition the use of muscle energy techniques (MET’s) with the sports massage greatly enhances mobility and recovery.

Sports Massage is ideal for treating:
• Poor performance due to overworked muscles
• Sports and dance soft tissue injuries
• Muscle strain arising from sports and other occupations
• Repetitive strain injury and posture related problems
• Aches and stiffness following bouts of activity such as fitness, DIY, gardening and lifting
• Stress related tension

Other benefits:-
• Boosts athletic performance and endurance
• Restores mobility to injured muscle tissue
• Extends your good health and the lifespan of athletic careers
• Enhances mental well-being as a result of enhanced physical ability

Cost – £45 per 45-60 minutes (required for initial consultation), £30 for 30 minutes
Call Sarah on 07866 687042 to discuss how I can help.

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