Don’t Just Lose Weight….

Let me ask you one question before I explain my statement “don’t just lose weight”.  Out of the two lady judges on X-Factor, what do you prefer Cheryl’s body or Rita’s body?

Specific ExerciseLots of people want to lose weight and drop a dress size/sizes, but basically most people’s aim is to become smaller to look good and feel better.  But just losing weight does not necessary make you look better.  With some weight loss you do get smaller but you don’t look good or improve your shape or body composition but still most people are just fixed with a specific number on the scales rather than looking at the whole body and its shape.  At Hourglass Fitness it is not just weight loss we are after it is improved total body composition.  An improved body composition = good shape, tone, posture and of course fat loss NOT just weight loss. What’s the difference you ask?
If all you want to do is lose weight then don’t just eat carbs for a week or go on a very low calorie food replacement diet of shakes etc. you really could lose between 5-10 lbs in the first week!  This sounds appealing doesn’t it, but I’m sorry to say this does not mean you have lost any fat, it’s just weight and your clothes still won’t look as good as they should because your shape is still not going in and out in all the right places.  The problem with fast drastic weight loss is the moment you reintroduce carbs back into your diet or you start to eat what should be a healthy maintenance calorie consumption again you will gain the weight (i.e. fat) back and with extra on top.  This is because eliminating carbs or eating an extremely low amount of calories causes water and muscle loss and so yes you have lost weight and shape but not fat.  There really is no point in losing 20 pounds if half of that is muscle and the other half fat and water.  The idea behind Hourglass fitness training is to lose the fat while maintaining as much muscle as possible to keep the metabolism running at its peak and to have an amazing shape.

The easiest way to do this is to have a small calorie deficit of around 400/500 calories per day (ideally about 15% of maintenance intake) and include this with strength and resistance training.  Obviously we concentrate on eating nutrient rich foods for important health benefits, but if you do this the majority of weight loss will be fat loss.  So if you think with some specific training and a little bit of tweaking of your diet the 400/500 calories deficit is very attainable and will be about 1-2lbs fat loss a week.  If you ignore these two principles you might lose weight but you might not lose as much fat as you wanted to look good in your clothes.  What will happen is that you will be a smaller version of your current self but transformation of your body to look good and improve it’s over all composition of fat loss, tone, strength and posture to look gorgeous in clothes and on the beach will not happen.  Look at the difference between Cheryl and Rita on the X-Factor, the first one obviously does not eat nor weight trains, looks very frail, ill and although pretty does not have a sexy shape to her body and even the designer clothes don’t look as good on her as they should and the second looks healthy, toned through eating right, doing specific weight training and resistance exercise and has an incredibly sexy shape.  Do you now see the difference in weight loss and fat loss?

So focus on reducing your body fat not just the weight and forget about just ‘losing weight’ and shift your mind-set to fat loss.  The difference in your appearance will be dramatic and you can still enjoy your food and the odd treat without guilt of possibly putting it all back on after.

Hourglass Fitness is Personal Training in St. Albans, London Colney, Shenley and Radlett.  If you would like to know more or would like to book assessment and trial please email or call 07866 687042.  Alternatively if you are unable to get to Hourglass Training there is the Hourglass Fitness DVD ‘Transform Your Shape’ available on the shop page of the website  Hourglass Fitness is also an experienced Post Natal Specialist and Sports Therapist and can work with niggles and injuries.  Sports Massage is also available as well as Sienna X Spray Tans.  Hourglass Fitness is your complete one stop shop to looking and feeling your best.

Cheryl and Riita from the X-Factor


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