About Sarah

Hello I’m Sarah a Personal Trainer in St.  Albans, Hertfordshire I am a fitness, weight loss and body transformation expert.  I specifically work with women to achieve their goals, whether it’s weight loss, health, fitness, body transformation or post natal.

I am not only fully qualified to advise about all the above but I have personally had to deal with all of these issues at some point in my life.  I worked for many years in the corporate world and I am a mum who is in her mid 40’s and has lost over 4 stone in weight. I have struggled with my own weight and body issues and still have to work at  it.

I have also gained my experience working for a number fitness groups as a Personal Trainer and write their company fitness documents and train other PT’s to help improve their own personal training.  I have also worked in semi professional football as a Sports Therapist and for University College London with Great Ormand Street Hospital teaching exercise health and nutrition to families as a preventative measure to stop the obesity crisis.  I set up Hourglass Fitness as I believe there are a lot of trainers and gyms in the fitness industry who do not really understand women, their weight loss and body issues.  I know what it is actually like to be pregnant, to have given birth and be a busy juggling mum coming up to or is middle aged.  I feel women need a trainer who understands them; they can talk to about issues and can offer an authentic, practical, safe, knowledgeable advise and guidance and who has been through it all herself.

This is what hourglass training can do for you:-

  • Get back your vava voom and confidence in your body and your shape.
  • Feel strong, glamorous and empowered.
  • Transform your body shape and be the best shape you can be (yes it can be one).
  • Learn how to work out smarter, increase your metabolism and shift fat.
  • Strengthen and pull in your core with specific muscle activation techniques.
  • Improve your diet and nutrition in an achievable way around your lifestyle.

My fitness philosophy is all about training for real women and knowing what is achievable for your body type and time.  I believe women should be real women and not the scrawny waifs the media want us to be and offer an honest authentic approach.  I can help you with your journey, help you to overcome the ‘rackets’ that are stopping you do that by yourself and breakthrough your fitness and weight loss plateau.

I love my work it is extremely satisfying teaching fitness and nutrition and empowering women to love their curves and give them shapely glamorous bodies; the happy endorphins it produces in my clients is amazingly contagious.  Seeing my clients achieve their goals and feeling good about them selves still inspires me to keep going with my own goals.

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