Quick Facts on Weight Gain and Weight Loss

Hello I’m Sarah from Hourglass Fitness and I am a Sports Therapist and Personal Trainer in St. Albans.

This is just a short blog today but I wanted to touch on a couple of quick facts about weight gain and loss as I know most of you are interested in this. Weight gain can be caused by a number of factors – not being active enough, diet, a decrease in your metabolic rate, hormones or pregnancy.  But the majority of the time it is the lack of the correct type of exercise and/or diet or a mixture of both.

As an interesting fact did you know from the age of 35 you lose 1lb of muscle a year if you do not do any strength training?  Therefore, by the time you are aged 45 you have lost a whooping 10lb of muscle and that is a huge decrease in metabolism.  This is why you hear a lot of people saying I was fine until I hit 40ish and then the weight just started to pile on but I’m not doing anything different!   This is where a simple strength training plan could make all the difference, it’s not about constant cardio to keep the weight off (although it does help burn any excess calories you’ve consumed) it is also about keeping your metabolism running at a good speed constantly even when you are not exercising and muscle mass is a key factor to this.

Have you also tried nearly every diet, it’s worked at the time but the weight has just piled straight back on again after?  If this is you all that dieting has also decreased your muscle mass as well, and when you put the weight back on it’s not the muscle you put back on it’s all fat!  So instead of going on another strict diet that inhibits eating properly and you lose muscle mass perhaps look at increasing your metabolism with weight and strength training and just cut the bad snacks out.  You will be amazed at the difference just doing this will make, without being deprived of food.

Getting out there and burning off the excess calories through running or walking or classes is easy you don’t need a personal trainer to stand by you for that but if you would like some help and advice about what sort of exercises you need to do to increase your metabolism then contact me at sarah@hourglassfitness.co.uk

At Hourglass there are a number of options you can take that can fit into your budget and timeframes.

Sarah Lister Morford
Hourglass Fitness – Transform your shape.

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